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Ray of Light

Exhibition 14th - 31st October 2022

A sunbeam streaming in through your window never fails to bring a little joy, even on the darkest of days.


This exhibition encompasses dozens of Rays of Light, on a mission to brighten your day. Realised in a variety of colours and textures, each piece incorporates a radiating motif. Brightly-coloured niobium is the primary material, sharing the spotlight with other metallic guest stars. Anodising, engraving and gem setting combine to create many weird and wonderful permutations of the one angular form.


They all seek to express boundless positive energy- that force whereby each ray of sunlight reaches out across space and time to bring us to life.


Accompanying the exhibition will be artist talks, anodising demonstrations, and a host of content delivered via the website and social media channels. Enlightening!

All pieces available for purchase

Virtual Tour!

Check out my Artist Talk, where I take you through the exhibition, talk a bit about the inspiration, and even give a live anodising demo!