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Tinsel Earrings - 3.5cm - oxidised

Tinsel Earrings - 3.5cm - oxidised

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Guaranteed to twinkle with every turn of your head, tinsel earrings are eye-catching without being too heavy on the ears. Handmade in sterling silver.


The 3.5cm tinsel earrings are great for those who like to keep it short and sweet.  They also work nicely teamed with a tinsel necklace or bracelet. 

3.5cm is the total length of the earring, including the hook.


The blackened effect is created by oxidising the surface of the piece.  This black layer will rub off over time in places where the piece makes contact with the body or clothing.  The piece can be re-blackened in the future if necessary by Felicity at Large, or another qualified jeweller.    

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