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Ray of light earrings - Engraved Sterling Silver

Ray of light earrings - Engraved Sterling Silver

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Rays of pure white light, emanating from a mysterious hexagon. Suddenly the world around the wearer is brightened, changing their outlook in an instant. When viewed from an oblique angle, the engraved lines emit an energising flash.


To me, a ray of light represents hope. No matter what sort of a day you're having, when the sun comes out from behind the clouds, it's impossible not to feel a little joy. Then, with this positive attitude, things start to fall into place.


Handmade with Argentium sterling silver, featuring hand-engraved detail.


Stud tops also available in gold and platinum. Triangle drops available in titanium, niobium, gold, you name it!


Afterpay available- simply select this option in the checkout.

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