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Ray of light earrings - with convertible studs

Ray of light earrings - with convertible studs

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A mild-mannered pair of hexagonal studs. Or are they? When extra 'kapow' is required for dealing with a situation, they emit a ray of light. This rainbow beam creates positivity within the wearer, the most important ingredient for tackling any dilema.


The convertible nature of this piece was inspired by the character Sailor Moon. When she transforms into her magical alter-ego, a star and moon appear under her plain stud earring. The decision to use anodised titanium, and the shard shape were a response to the She-ra animated series.


The stud portion is hand-fabricated from Argentium silver. The removable drops are titanium, which I anodised to produce the spectrum of colours.


Commissions welcome! Stud portion available in silver, gold or platinum. Options for the removable drops include silver, gold, platinum, titanium and niobium. They can also be engraved, and/or gem set.



Total length: 53mm

Hexagon (point to point): 12mm

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