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Ignite Ring - 18ct Yellow Gold

Ignite Ring - 18ct Yellow Gold

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What sets you ablaze? The ignite ring allows the wearer to hone in on what they most love to do. It then focuses that energy, so it can be beamed out to the wider universe, becoming a force for good.


The elements of the natural world form the basis of many super powers. However, the ability to control fire is more often associated with villains than with heroes. For me, this ring represents the fire within, the passion which drives us. And like fire, once this feeling takes hold, it can become an unstoppable force.  


The design is intentionally simple, with the flame element intended to evoke the fluid, bold lines of a comic book drawing. The surface is highly polished throughout, and as the flat top plate catches the light, it gives a bright flash.  


Hand-forged from 18ct yellow gold. Size M.


Commissions welcome in gold and platinum. Add gemstones for even more 'Kapow'!

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