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Comet Earrings - Pastel Pink

Comet Earrings - Pastel Pink

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As this mystical hexagon arrows through the sky, angular rays of light travel in its wake. They leave a little touch of magic on everything they fly over.


The radiating motif seen on the wing-like section of the earrings was inspired by the tiara worn by the character She-ra, and also by Thor's helmet. These in turn echo the winged helmet of the Greek god Hermes. In my case, they're not intended to depict wings, but radiating light.


These earrings were hand-fabricated from Argentium silver. They feature two 6mm created sapphires in pastel pink, which have been bezel set. The wings have a matte finish, with engraved line detailing.Handmade, engraved and set by me.


Also available in gold and platinum, with either created or natural gemstones.

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