Textured Floral

"I have the power!"- a collection of jewellery inspired by superheroes. 



What makes someone a hero? It's a question we're asking ourselves a lot lately, with our world under the shadow of the evil Coronavirus.


This fanciful exhibition explores the theme of empowerment through the lens of superhero narratives, drawing from children's cartoons past and present, Japanese anime, and feature films.


The works range from epic gauntlets and tiaras, to more mild-mannered rings and earrings, intended to empower the wearer in their everyday life. Traditional gold, silver and platinum face off against contemporary metals titanium and niobium, with vivid gemstones adding some 'kapow!'


You are invited to view these fantastical pieces within their comic book-style set, the virtual experience featuring videos, images and written musings. With 360-degree views, you'll have the power to examine the pieces from every angle. 


How will we protect the city of Melbourne, and by extension, the world? With our powers combined!


Photographer - Kendrik Nass

Model - Charlie Wang

Makeup - Nastia Wolf